What To Know When Getting A Motorcycle License

Getting my motorcycle license is probably among the most amazing choices I’ve made in life. Although it might seem quite hectic – it is, no lie – the licensing procedures, the e-permit Test, choosing what to read for, and making time for all the tests were just the perfect recipe for crazy. At first, I have to admit, I thought it was a walk in the park, you know, show up, do a little test, and voila! Get on the road to freedom – or should I say “the track to freedom”– bear in mind I had already purchased my bike from my motorcycle trader and the thrill of new wheels was just uncontainable.

Training Course

Like most people, I already knew how to ride one and therefore didn’t see the need to enrol in a motorcycle skills class. But my advice, if this isn’t mandatory to acquire a license in your state, just take the damn course. It will help sharpen your skills with guidance from a professional instructor. To top it off, successfully completing a course can get you a license real fast – like over the weekend fast. Of course, I couldn’t bear the thought of my track skills being compared to a beginner’s on a training course. I was no newbie. Oh, and another thing, you have the benefit to earn insurance discounts. It feels nice to save a bit from costly insurance services. It’s a shame I had to throw all these away for bottled ego.


Well, I was stuck with the written and riding sections of a licensing exam. This alternative begins with passing a written test, the ePermit test, on basic motorcycle terminologies, techniques, safety practices, and state laws. This test can be done online but one may have to go to the DMV to take the test. But before taking it, I recommend using a study guide for the exam or a rulebook for riding a motorcycle on public streets.

After acquiring my permit, a little practice here and there on public roads followed. Although, this only gives restricted hours of use, requires supervision, and strictly no passengers. The permit is just an opportunity to sharpen your skills before heading to a real-world skills test. But for one who is confident enough and has completed the recommended hours of supervised riding. feel free to proceed to the road skills test.

Here, the requirements may vary according to state, but in general, an examiner supervises your manoeuvring abilities in a closed course and then proceeds on the road.

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