What Kind of Bike Do I Need?

Deciding to purchase my sportbike was pretty easy for me, I had dreamed and yearned for a sportbike for as long as I can remember. However, this isn’t always the case as purchasing a bike is a big decision and even bigger on the kind. among the questions you should ask yourself, keep it clear on “what hobbies am I getting into, or do I just want something for my usual commutes?” or whether an adventure is a major steer for the purchase and so on.

Well, I have all that simplified for new buyers who happen to be undecided.

1.  Sportbike

Of course, I had to begin with my type – but don’t let me deter your judgement. Sportbikes are optimized for speed, acceleration, cornering, and braking. All these are granted at the expense of comfort. However, riders often customize the bike for a better seat and soft bags.

2.  Dual-Sport

Dual-sport bikes can be great commuter bikes as well as adventure bikes. Their motorcycle parts are tough and light and suitable for distance riding. The bikes are highly manoeuvrable and great on gas, leaving a dirt trail after smoothing out the pavement.

3.  Tour Bike

Tour bikes, also known as dressers, are built for long-distance trips. They are designed with optional packages such as mudguard mounts, racks, heated seats, GPS navigation screens, powerful audio systems, ABS brakes, the list is endless. They are durable and comfortable with a somewhat relaxed geometry.

4.  Dirt Bike

As their name implies, dirt bikes are for off-road purposes. They are lightweight, have long suspensions, and powerful small motors. These beasts are their own level of fun. They are not street legal but best suited for camping or outdoor activities.

5.  Hyper bike

Well, we say a bike makes a statement. Hyper bikes make two. They are customized types of ‘sportbikes’ with a monstrous horsepower close to 200 and 1000cc or more. These, however, are for skilled riders with a cutting-edge performance on the tracks.

6.  Minibike

Just like they sound, minibikes are small bikes with 50 to 70cc motors that are low speed. They are lightweight, have a good MPG, are cheap to insure, and inexpensive. I would highly recommend these for general commutes.

7.  Chopper

Well, if show off was my goal, I’d get me one of these. These ‘babies’ look cool! Choppers, much to our dismay, have improved handling and performance. They are comfortable with lightweight and lower seat positions. And guess what, they make great touring bikes.

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Mon Sep 21 , 2020
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