Video: Downhill Bike Shredding in West Vancouver


Downhill in West Vancouver:

There has been a lot of talk lately that mountain bikers are less likely to own a dedicated downhill bike these days. Even though the interest in DH World Cup racing is increasing, it feels like the numbers are going opposite ways. Honestly, there is no real surprise as to why this is happening…enduro bikes.

The modern-day trail/enduro bikes are truly quiver killers. “One bike to do it all”, we’ve all heard this marketing phrase thrown around for years. But now bike brands are actually achieving this. It’s hard to justify buying a DH bike unless you live near a bike park. Even if you do, a modern-day enduro bike will most likely be more than enough bike. Plus, you can ride it when there’s no chairlift and your legs need to get you to the top. It’s a no brainer, save money and ride a more versatile bike.

I grew up riding DH bikes, as did Yusuke, and whilst these bikes are no longer entirely necessary for your weekend ride. In our biased opinion, they are still the best type of mountain bike to throw a leg over. Luckily, we live in Vancouver and have access to the trails on Cypress Mountain, some of the best DH riding in Canada, outside of the bike park world. There is also a good reason as to why- you’ll often see local and not so local pro world cup riders training here. The trails are amazing and the shuttle turn-around is super quick.

You can certainly ride an enduro bike on DH tracks and have a ton of fun, but nothing feels better than monster trucking through a rough section on a big rig. I feel sorry for any trail bike Yusuke rides, this fella definitely likes to give it some beans. Keep running the big bike son.

ATHLETE: Yusuke Yamamoto @sukedog
WORDS & VISUALS: VISUALS & WORDS: Tom Wilson @yamafolk

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