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Contact your child’s school for the following (see School links for contact information):

  • You have moved and need to change transportation
  • You would like to verify your child’s bus assignment
  • You have a question about pickup or drop-off
  • You would like to request a different pickup or drop-off location
  • You have questions about transportation eligibility

Contact your bus company for the following:

  • Your student’s bus is running late and you would like an estimated time of arrival
  • Your student has left an item on a bus

Manchester Transit Authority (MTA): 623-8801 dial 2 for school dispatch

Easter Seals Special Transit Service (STS): 668-8603 dial 1 for school dispatch


Eligibility for Transportation

Students in grades 1-8 are eligible for bus transportation if they live 1.4 miles or more from their districted school, or in some cases, if they are required to cross busy or dangerous streets to get to school.   *Please note that while full-day Kindergarten programs are now offered at every elementary school, the eligibility guidelines for transportation have not changed.*

Bus Schedules

Bus schedules, with times and locations of bus stops, are published and will be available on the Manchester School District web site in the weeks before school starts. Please consult this site to determine if changes have been made or call the school.

Bus Assignment

If your students are assigned to a bus, you will receive notification in the weeks before school. If your students will not be taking the bus, or if you need to update your information at the school, please contact your student’s school. 

High School Busing

Busing for the High Schools is provided by a combination of public transit buses and yellow school buses.   For more information click


Bus Policy

The Transportation policy passed by the Board of School Committee which outlines eligibility, behavioral expectations for students, and discipline for failure to comply with expectations.  To view the full policy click

Qualified Programs

Transportation to qualified after school programs and day cares begins two weeks after the start of school. Students with special needs and students in Magnet ELL programs may also be eligible for bus transportation.

Homeless Students

Under the McKinney-Vinto act, students who become homeless during the school year need not transfer to another school and can receive transportation from the school district. Please contact your school’s Social Worker or the District’s Homeless Liaison Jocelyne Pinsonneault at 665-8686.  For more information click

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