The Multiple Stages Of Car Body Wrap For Better Results

The Multiple Stages Of Car Body Wrap For Better Results

For the past few years, you can see that custom car graphic and car wraps have grown at a huge scale. Therefore, many of the existing printing shops are now trying to cash in on the present growth by presenting some of the vehicle wraps to their said customers. But, you cannot state car wraps to be like flyers, business cards or even brochures, where the printing press is the one doing all the jobs.

It requires experience and knowledge in various fields before crafting the finest car body wrap  and you need to be aware of that point as well. Right from the design to the material, production, preparation, facility to even installation, experts need to be aware of all these points before manufacturing the best car wrap for your own use. The companies will appoint a team for the post installation help as well, which is hard to ignore at this present moment.

Checking on with the design of the car wraps:

When it comes to designing any business card, you just need to add the logo, contact information on the given template and you have the business card all ready and sorted. Well, that is not the case with the car’s surface. It is not as flat as any other business card.

  • The designer of car wraps need to have extensive experience and also the proper tools, like the latest vehicle templates, which will create that perfect car wrap design.
  • It should fit the vehicle aptly without any message or image distorted or even sliced up into pieces.
  • Every space, angle, and even curve of the vehicle will matter quite a lot while trying to design that wrap.
  • Ignoring such promising portions will result in a design that is not easy for the eyes to settle on and won’t be easy to understand and read as well. It will have a negative effect on the present image of the company.

Now for the material of the wraps:

Searching the internet will let you come across so many vinyl manufacturing experts, offering premium quality and low quality options. Some of the top branded names are here to offer the best car wrap vinyl out there and you might want to catch up with them. You will also learn What Premium Services Can You Expect While Getting Car Wrapping Sydney from the same sources. Much like with anything else, you need to pay separately for the car wraps that you have chosen. In case your main goal is to worry about the wrap’s longevity and quality, then be sure to choose a vinyl shop offering quality products in hand.

Moreover, you should not pre-set any particular vinyl quality for your car beforehand. Reputed brands are here to offer various types of vinyl options from high cost and premium quality cast vinyl to some of the cheaper versions too. The right vinyl combination and over laminate is pretty vital. Most of the shops out there will be using cheaper laminate for reducing the cost. Cast laminates are around 3 times more expensive than calendared one. Even though it is hard to tell the differences, the calendared option will fade way faster than cast one.

On the other hand, the calendared option is not designed to be used on the current vehicle curves and might bubble up and move out of the position within a few months’ time. So, you have to see the materials of car body wrap first as choosing the wrong one can ruin the entire wrap and make your money go down the drain easily.

Head towards the production now:

Now, let’s just say that you have the right print by your side and done your part by researching for the best material. Then the next step is to print your selected design on the vinyl platform. However, using that wide format based digital printer is not going to be as simple to use as using any Brother or HP printer at home. A lot of extra works and steps are involved for creating those vibrant and sharp images without even printing vehicle wrap.

  • Each one of the vinyl from the manufacturer will have its unique printing profile. Now, you need to know what print profile actually means.
  • You just have to put the code specifically for creating particular vinyl. It will tell which printer is using how much ink for lying on the vinyl sheet for getting the best result.
  • Most of the shops won’t even bother paying heed to this step and will use just one profile for all available media. It might result in some under saturated, dull or over saturated images, which won’t look right.

Tuning in with the preparation:

Once the first few steps have been done and dusted, it is time to focus on the preparation mode now. After you have the perfect car body wrap, the best material for it and high end print, it is time to get the vehicle ready for a proper installation task.

  • The time consuming part of this entire process is the preparation scale. It is where the installer might have to go over every possible inch of surface area of the car and also under the cracks, weather trims, and fenders for 100% wax free and clean cover.
  • It is mandatory for the owner to wash and proficiently clean the car and dry it up before the wrapping installation process starts. There will be a special solution used for wiping the car completely to ensure all kinds of wax residues have been removed.
  • Then an alcoholic solution is used to wipe down the residue of the special solution used for removing wax from the car.
  • Even the smallest dirt if left on the car’s body will ruin the adhesive of the vinyl and might lift off from the surface. A simple lift will allow water to get under wrap.

So, make sure to properly clean the car’s body first before addressing car body wrap around it. The result will prove to be just great!