The Details You Should Know (GM)

  • General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) recently unveiled Cadillac LYRIQ all-electric SUV. Here’s the details you should know about it.

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) recently unveiled details about the Cadillac LYRIQ all-electric SUV. The new Cadillac vehicle features the new Ultium battery system — which is based on a modular EV architecture.

New Battery Technology

The battery assemblies use 70% less cobalt, which is an element that is difficult to source in a responsible way. This is done using a new nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum chemistry along with meticulous engineering. GM was able to reduce cobalt usage by over 70% compared to the current batteries being used.


In terms of audio, the LYRIQ will be offered in a 19-speaker AKG studio sound system. The LYRIQ also features noise-cancellation technology.

The noise cancellation feature is powered using microphones and accelerometers. With this system, the frequency of tire cavity noise is targeted and it can reduce sounds coming from the vehicle.

“With LYRIQ we wanted to deliver a sound experience that would transport the driver from a vehicle into a recording studio,” said Hussein Khalil, audio lead / design and release engineering at General Motors. “With the AKG sound system, we are able to deliver this experience along with the quality and reliability luxury customers expect.”

Charging And Range

The LYRIQ supports Level 2 charging at a rate of 19 kW and DC fast charging at up to 150 kW. And the LYRIQ will have the latest version of the Super Cruise feature. And this will offer hands-free driving on over 200,000 miles of roadway in certain situations.

The capacity of the battery is 100-kilowatt hours, which would provide a driving range of more than 300 miles. GM also noted that the LYRIQ will have 90% less wiring than the current GM battery designs.

Dashboard Display

Inside of the LYRIQ is a 33-inch curved dashboard display. The display is expected to have a solid refresh rate and contrast ratio. Plus the panel can display over 1 billion hues. The 33-inch-diagonal advanced LED screen will span the entire viewing area of the driver.

And the LYRIQ will have a dual-pane head-up display that uses augmented reality. One plane will show speeds and directions. ANd the other pane will show other alerts and navigational signals.

“LYRIQ was conceived to make every journey exhilarating and leverages more than a century of innovation to drive the brand into a new era, while rewarding passengers with a more personal, connected and immersive experience,” commented Cadillac LYRIQ chief engineer Jamie Brewer. “To do this we developed an architecture specifically for EVs. It is not only an exceptional EV, but first and foremost a Cadillac.”

Supervised Parking

The new LYRIQ also has a supervised parking feature so that it can parallel or perpendicular park while the driver is in or outside of the vehicle.

Driving Options

The LYRIQ is going to be offered with rear- or all-wheel drive. And the LYRIQ’S executive chief engineer Marty Hogan said that the center of gravity will be around 4 inches lower than the Cadillac XT5.

Pricing And Availability

The Cadillac LYRIQ is expected to become available sometime in late 2022 across the U.S. In terms of pricing, it is expected to have an MSRP of under $75,000. This pricing makes it competitive against vehicles like the Tesla Model X, the Audi E-Tron, and Jaguar I-Pace.

“The LYRIQ represents the next iteration of the iconic brand’s styling, enabled by electrification, as only Cadillac can express,” explained Andrew Smith, executive director, Global Cadillac Design. “Inside and out, LYRIQ is a thoughtful integration of design and technology and is intended to make every drive an occasion.”

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