The Best 5-Year Servicing Plan From Audi Service Centre Artarmon

You have always wanted to be the owner of a top-notch vehicle, and Audi seems to be one such name to address. Whenever someone sees an Audi zooming past them, it feels like a classy aura revolving around the environment. So, being an owner of an Audi car will give you that social status, fame and popularity that you might have been craving for.

Now the real deal lies with the Audi service plans. Much like any other vehicle from any brand, even an Audi car is going to last for a certain time. After its mentioned life expectancy, you can expect the Audi to start showing some signs of troubles. So, getting the car serviced at regular intervals is more like staying towards the safer side. Catching up with the best audi service centre in artarmon is of utmost necessity here. But, before any of that, be sure of the Audi service plans available in your centre, to keep this luxurious vehicle in its prime condition.

The 5-year service plan!

Audi Australia announced the 5-year service plan, which is now available across multiple ranges. These are subjected for S and RS performance models as well. Before you get your hands on this plan, you might want to know about it in detail.

  • This current Audi 5 years plan is available as a major option for customers, mainly for those packaging the servicing cost for around 5 years or even 75,000km. It is available for the initial purchase rate of the car.
  • This will allow the customers to manage costs in some regular instalments. Most car owners will value peace of mind which is available with packaged service plans. So, the team from Audi has worked especially hard to extend and then improve the offering.
  • The team is delighted to work on this added value and can offer customers as part of their current ownership experience. It is going to be one major point to address here.
  • Buyers have the liberty to actually opt for this service plan any time after purchasing the vehicle, and around the first 12 months of service of 15,000km, whichever will come first.
  • This particular plan is a major drill from audi service centre artarmon and will actually extend the peace of mind of owners. It will eliminate any potential future inflation of current servicing costs.

Opting for this current plan will also bring in the extended Audi Roadside Assistance plan in years 4, 6 and 5 of ownership. It will have a coverage that checks every dealer service attracting around 12 months of complimentary roadside assistance. This is now available through the Service Initiated or SIRA Roadside Assistance. Anyone can purchase this service plan in 3 or 5 years of deal and available at all the showroom models.

Before you get your hands on the service plan, be sure to answer questions like How To Find A Secure Services Centre For Audi Car? It will help you to select the best centre for top-notch quality service plans.

The services included in this plan as of now:

If you are currently aiming for the best services that you will get as part of the Best Audi car repairs and mechanical service at Artarmon, be sure to work on the centre first. Once you have done that, now let’s just list out the kind of services as included within this 5-year service plan. When you are aware of the services you are likely to get, half of the battle is won.

  1. For the 12 months or 15,000km option:

In this regard, you are likely to receive the oil servicing sector, which will include oil filter and the washer additive. Based on the model you are using, the services are subject to vary quite a lot.

  1. For the 24 months of 30,000km:

For this particular sector, you have the inspection service, which will include the oil filter. Apart from that you have brake fluid check-up, remote batteries, pollen and dust filter checking and air filter check-up as well. On the other hand, you will receive a washer additive check as part of this routine too for you to venture out.

  1. For 36 months or 45,000km:

If you have paid audi service centre artarmon  for the 36 months coverage, then you will receive oil servicing over here with oil filter service. You can get help from a separate team working on washer additives as well.

  1. For 48 months or 60,000km:

Here, the services are likely to be a bit widespread in nature. You have the inspection service, which will include an oil filter as well. You will receive brake fluid check-up for 48 months and remote battery services. Apart from that, the Audi team will also work on the pollen and dust filter, Air filter for 60,000km and ribbed belt at 60,000km as well. Moreover, you can aim for the washer additive and even spark plug check in for 60,000kms. Keep these calculations in mind before heading for any of the service plans.

  1. For 60 months or 75,000km:

This is the last type falling under the 5 years of plan. Here, you will receive the oil servicing, which will again include an oil filter. And you have the washer additive to go with it as well.

Here, the division will help you realise the types of services allotted for each year within this 5-year plan. Make sure to go through the services in detail and then head for the best expert to learn more about the current condition of your car.

Importance of such servicing plan:

It is true that you have invested a great deal of money on an Audi car. Therefore, it is always mandatory for you to get hands on the best audi service centre in artarmon and procure the finest servicing plan. Remember that it remains up to you to take complete care of the vehicle as well.

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