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F1 Styrian GP: FIA to hear Renault protest over Racing Point cars – F1

The FIA stewards have declared a protest submitted by the Renault Formula 1 team against the Racing Point cars will be heard in the future once evidence has been gathered.

The formal protest by Renault, launched after Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix, concerned Appendix 6 of the FIA sporting regulations, which relates to listed parts, and what can and cannot be shared between teams.

It relates specifically to the front and rear brake ducts used by the Racing Point RP20, which Renault believes are too similar to those used on last year’s Mercedes W10 than the rules allow.

In stark contrast to the protest made last week by Red Bull Racing on the subject of the Mercedes DAS system, which was submitted on a Friday and thus did not affect qualifying or the race results, Renault took action after Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll finished sixth and

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Renault: Racing Point protest is about defining F1’s future team model – F1

Renault’s protest against Racing Point’s RP20 car will be crucial in defining what team model Formula 1 wants to allow in the future, according to its executive director Marcin Budkowski.

Renault lodged a formal protest against Racing Point following last Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix over similarities between its car and the 2019 title-winning Mercedes W10.

Racing Point has been open in admitting it based the design of its car off last year’s Mercedes, but has always stressed it did so while remaining within the regulations.

While the protest has focused on the brake ducts of the Racing Point car, Renault’s Budkowski said the ruling would be crucial in outlining just how much collaboration would be permitted between teams in the future.

“For us, it’s important to clarify what is permissible and what isn’t for this season, for the event we protested, for the rest of the season, for next season,

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Racing Point: Stewards wrong in “tracing paper” F1 design claim – F1

Otmar Szafnauer says the FIA stewards were “wrong” to compare Racing Point’s approach in designing the brake ducts for its Formula 1 car to “using tracing paper”.

The FIA ruled on Friday that Racing Point had breached the sporting regulations in the design process of the brake ducts on its RP20 car, resulting in a 15-point penalty and a €400,000 fine.

But the decision has sparked anger throughout the paddock on both sides of the case, with five intentions to appeal being lodged with the FIA.

Racing Point has long defended its design approach for the RP20 car, stressing it has remained within the regulations despite aiming to follow the concept of last year’s title-winning Mercedes W10 car.

The stewards’ ruling said Racing Point had “copied the shapes and dimensions of the Mercedes CAD models of the brake ducts into a new CAD model”, and compared the process to “using

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Five F1 teams to appeal against Racing Point brake duct verdict – F1

Five Formula 1 teams have filed their intent to appeal the Racing Point brake duct case – with the Silverstone outfit itself facing up against a group of four rivals.

On Friday morning the FIA stewards issued their verdict on the case, which centred on the protests lodged by Renault at the Styrian, Hungarian and British GPs regarding the legality of Racing Point’s brake ducts.

Racing Point was fined €400,000 and docked 15 World Championship points, but is allowed to keep using the same duct design for the rest of the season.

Due to the complex nature of the case teams were given 24 hours after the publication of the verdict to log their intention to appeal, instead of the usual hour.

When the deadline passed at 0930 this morning both original parties had taken up the option. Racing Point wants to clear its name, while Renault has questioned the

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Racing Point hits out at “BS” Brown comments on F1 brake duct ruling – F1

Racing Point Formula 1 boss Otmar Szafnauer has slammed McLaren team principal Zak Brown over “BS” comments made regarding the brake duct ruling from the FIA on Friday.

In a verdict issued by the FIA stewards on Friday, Racing Point was fined €400,000 and docked 15 world championship points for using the brake duct design of the Mercedes W10 on this year’s RP20.

However, to the surprise of many observers, the team can continue to use the ducts for the rest of the season, with the FIA stressing that the breach was in the design process, and that today’s penalty is sufficient.

Rivals disagree, and on Friday evening Ferrari became the first team to lodge an appeal against the decision in an effort to get a tougher penalty.

Brown was one of several team bosses to question the decision today.

“I think that is confusing for the fans, how something

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Ferrari will appeal FIA’s Racing Point ruling on brake duct design – F1

Ferrari has become the first Formula 1 team to confirm that it intends to appeal the FIA’s ruling against Racing Point over its brake ducts design.

Following multiple protests lodged by Renault at the last three races against Racing Point over the legality of its RP20 car, the FIA stewards made a ruling on the case on Friday morning.

Racing Point was found to have breached the sporting regulations in the design process of the brake ducts for its RP20 car, and was given a 15-point constructors’ championship penalty and a €400,00 fine.

But the team is permitted to continue to use the brake ducts for the remainder of the season, sparking concerns among a number of teams over the ruling.

Ferrari F1 chief Mattia Binotto said earlier on Friday the team would “carefully” go through the stewards’ ruling and consider “what’s the next step”, noting the 24-hour window in

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Hulkenberg felt “much more at home” in second Friday with Racing Point – F1

Nico Hulkenberg felt “much more at home” with Racing Point during his second Friday Formula 1 practice appearance after deputising for Sergio Perez again at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

Ex-Renault F1 driver Hulkenberg was drafted in at the last minute for the British Grand Prix last weekend when Perez tested positive for COVID-19, ruling the Mexican out of action, although Hulkenberg didn’t get to race due to a clutch problem before the start.

Racing Point confirmed on Friday morning that Hulkenberg would continue to drive for the team in the second Silverstone race with Perez still returning a positive COVID-19 result.

Hulkenberg finished fourth in opening practice before taking sixth overall in the afternoon session, finishing within three-tenths of a second of team-mate Lance Stroll.

The German explained how he felt much more at home in the Racing Point RP20 car after last weekend’s running, when he was forced

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Mercedes: “Zero worries” on Racing Point F1 copying case – F1

Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff says he has “zero worries” about the team being implicated in any kind of wrongdoing in the Racing Point brake duct saga.

Today’s verdict from the FIA stewards confirmed that Mercedes provided Racing Point with CAD data on the brake duct designs of its W10 in 2019, which was perfectly legal at the time.

It was also revealed that the Brackley team supplied its partner outfit with a set of brake ducts on 6 January this year, after the sporting regulations specified that they were listed parts and have to be designed by teams.

However the FIA stewards accepted that the ducts were not used and made little difference as Racing Point had already received the designs.

“We feel a 100% comfortable with our position,” said Wolff. “We have read the rules over and over again. The verdict that came out today is extremely

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Renault considering appeal over Racing Point F1 brake duct penalty – F1

Renault may lodge an appeal against the penalty received by rivals Racing Point over its brake ducts, and will make a decision after Formula 1’s 70th Anniversary GP FP2 today.

In the verdict published this morning, the FIA stewards who heard the case decreed that the Silverstone team was guilty of breaking the rules on listed parts by using the rear brake duct design of the 2019 Mercedes W10 on its 2020 car.

The team was docked 15 constructors’ World Championship points and fined €400,000 in respect of the Styrian GP – where the first protest was lodged by Renault – and also given two reprimands in relation to the later protests at the Hungarian and British GPs.

The verdict also made it clear that Racing Point is not expected to change its brake duct design, and can continue to use the current parts for the rest of the year.

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Racing Point calls Renault F1 protest ruling “bewildering” – F1

Racing Point Formula 1 chief Otmar Szafnauer says the FIA stewards’ ruling over the design of its brake ducts is “bewildering”, but is happy that the car is legal.

Following multiple protests from Renault, the FIA stewards announced on Friday that Racing Point had breached the sporting regulations in the design of the brake ducts for its RP20 car.

Racing Point has been docked 15 points in the constructors’ championship and handed a €400,000 fine, but is allowed to continue using the brake ducts for the remainder of the year.

Szafnauer was pleased the team could continue to use the part, but did not feel it had been made clear in the sporting regulations that its design process was outlawed.

“The good news from the judgement was that the car is completely legal from a technical perspective, so we can continue to run the brake ducts,” Szafnauer said on Sky

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