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Ferrari to drop appeal against Racing Point F1 brake ducts – F1

Ferrari has withdrawn its appeal against Racing Point’s Formula 1 brake duct copying case verdict, becoming the final team to drop its opposition to the penalty levied by the FIA.

Having originally submitted a notification to appeal the decision made against Racing Point’s brake ducts, Ferrari’s withdrawal from the appeals process means that the case will not go to the International Court of Appeal, and is effectively over.

The original verdict announced by the FIA stewards at Silverstone will stand.

Racing Point will retain the penalty of a €400,000 fine and 15 constructors’ World Championship points.

The team will also continue to be reprimanded by the stewards at every race where it uses the contentious brake ducts.

McLaren, Williams and Renault had already dropped the matter and, earlier on Sunday, Racing Point confirmed that it would also not continue with its appeal, which was intended to clear its name.


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Ask Tim: Why the FIA was right and wrong on Racing Point – F1

Racing Point claimed it received a set of 2019 Mercedes rear brake ducts as spares for its RP20 car for pre-season testing. How is it possible for the 2019 Mercedes brake ducts to be used on the RP20 car if the brake ducts Racing Point claimed to have designed itself for the 2020 car are not identical and a complete copy?

Justin Mayberry, via email

To answer the first part of that, the fixings where they attach to the uprights or suspension can be interchangeable with the Mercedes, as Racing Point has the Mercedes rear suspension components anyway given they’re non-listed components. So that’s how the RP20 could theoretically accommodate the rear brake ducts from last year’s Mercedes, as they become part of the suspension upright.

I understand that Racing Point was supplied with all the CAD drawings of the 2020 rear brake ducts, so it could adapt those to

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Ferrari will withdraw Racing Point appeal if F1 car copying rules change – F1

Ferrari has indicated that it will withdraw its appeal against the Racing Point copying case decision if the FIA produces definitive Formula 1 regulations against car copying for 2021.

Last month Racing Point was handed a 15-point penalty and a €200,000 fine for using a brake duct design copied from the 2019 Mercedes W11.

In addition race stewards have issued reprimands at all events where the Silverstone team uses the contentious ducts.

Ferrari was one of five teams to submit a notification of intention to appeal the original stewards’ decision.

McLaren, Williams and Renault all subsequently dropped out, leaving the Maranello outfit as the only rival to Racing Point still challenging the scale of the punishment.

On the other side of the case Racing Point also appealed in order to clear its name, and thus the matter is still scheduled to go to the Court of Appeal.

Subsequent to the

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Perez: Racing Point must take F1 podium chances when Red Bull fails – F1

Sergio Perez says Racing Point must grab podiums when Red Bull slips up if it is to earn third place in the Formula 1 constructors’ championship.

Racing Point currently sits in fourth place, two points behind McLaren and five clear of Ferrari following its 15-point deduction in the constructors’ standings, after Perez and team-mate Lance Stroll finished in the final two points places at last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix.

While the Racing Point car has been the third fastest on the grid on several occasions, the team has sometimes underperformed in races and is yet to record a podium finish, while both McLaren’s Lando Norris and Ferrari Charles Leclerc have secured rostrum results this season.

Perez says the team has to “minimise the damage” at tracks that are less favourable to the RP20, and he expects to see an improvement in form at Monza.

“I think we should be better

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Renault pushing for Racing Point to lose all points for protested races – F1

Renault is calling for Racing Point to lose all points scored in races where its brake ducts were protested as the Formula 1 controversy prepares to go to court.

Racing Point was docked 15 constructors’ championship points and fined €400,000 after it was deemed to have breached the sporting regulations in the design of the rear brake ducts for its RP20 car.

But Racing Point is permitted to continue using the brake ducts for the remainder of the 2020 season, with the FIA deeming it cannot unlearn the designs it was judged to have copied from Mercedes.

The sanction is subject to three appeals that will be taken to the FIA’s International Court of Appeal, with both Renault and Ferrari bidding for a harsher penalty.

Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul feels Racing Point should be excluded from the results of every race where its cars were protested for using the

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FIA car copying clampdown has ‘zero impact’ on Racing Point team model – F1

The upcoming clampdown from the FIA on car copying in Formula 1 will have “zero impact” on Racing Point’s business model, according to Otmar Szafnauer.

The FIA has confirmed will be tweaking the regulations from 2021 to clamp down on car copying, preventing teams from reverse engineering other designs through photography.

It comes in the wake of the controversy surrounding Racing Point’s design approach for the RP20 car, which was based on the title-winning Mercedes W10 from 2019.

Racing Point was found to have illegally copied the rear brake duct design of the 2019 Mercedes, earning a 15-point deduction in addition to a €400k fine, but will fight the case in the FIA’s International Court of Appeal.

Both FIA head of single-seaters Nikolas Tombazis and secretary general for motorsport Peter Bayer have confirmed they will put an end to car copying by updating the regulations for next year.

But Racing

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Mercedes role in Racing Point F1 brake duct case in spotlight – F1

The actions Mercedes took in supplying brake duct parts and designs to Racing Point looks increasingly likely to come under the spotlight when the matter goes to an FIA appeal.

With five teams having appealed the ruling that meant Racing Point lost 15 constructors’ championship points and received a €400,000 fine for using Mercedes-designed brake ducts, the aspects of the case that different outfits are focused on goes far beyond just the individual car components.

In fact, one of the main questions that some teams want clarity on is whether or not Mercedes itself fully complied with F1’s rules in providing designs, data and actual brake duct parts – which for this year have to be designed by teams themselves.

If a team was found to have provided designs and information of restricted parts to another team, then that would be viewed as a breach of the regulations.

While the

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Rival F1 protests take credit away from team, say Racing Point drivers – F1

Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll feel the protests lodged by Racing Point’s Formula 1 rivals take credit away from the team’s “incredible job” in producing its 2020 car.

Racing Point was hit with a 15-point constructors’ championship penalty and a €400,000 fine after it was deemed to have copied the design of Mercedes’ 2019 brake ducts for its 2020 car.

The team has openly admitted it based the concept of its RP20 car on the 2019 title-winning Mercedes W10, claiming to have reverse engineered the design by using photographs in a legal manner.

Ferrari and Renault have both lodged appeals over the ruling against Racing Point, seeking a harsher penalty, while Racing Point itself is also appealing the case in a bid to clear its name.

Racing Point has enjoyed a significant uplift in form at the start of the 2020 season, qualifying in the top three twice and regularly

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Racing Point used Mercedes model to design 2020 car, according to former F1 team boss

A former F1 team boss has levelled extraordinary allegations against the Racing Point and Mercedes teams, as the brake duct scandal gets even murkier.

Colin Kolles, who was Team Principal at Jordan and Midland, which later became Racing Point, claims there’s no way the controversial brake ducts were designed simply by examining photographs.

Racing Point was fined $658,000 and docked 15 points in the constructors’ championship, after it was found the team’s brake ducts breached the sporting regulations.

As of 2020, each team is required to design their own brake ducts. Racing Point’s car has been dubbed the ‘Pink Mercedes’ given its obvious similarities to last year’s championship winning car, with the team openly admitting they produced the car after studying photographs of the Mercedes.

Sergio Perez in the Racing Point. (Getty)

But according to Kolles, that excuse doesn’t stack up.

“From photos, you cannot copy a car,” Kolles told

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Mercedes involvement in Racing Point brake duct case is “total nonsense”

a person riding a motorcycle on the side of a road: Wolff: Mercedes role in Racing Point case is

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Wolff: Mercedes role in Racing Point case is

Toto Wolff says suggestions Mercedes may have played a role in Racing Point’s bid to copy its 2019 title-winning Formula 1 car are “total nonsense”.

Racing Point was hit with a 15-point constructors’ championship penalty and fined €400,000 after it was deemed to have copied Mercedes’ 2019 brake duct design.

The team has openly claimed it attempted to reverse engineer the Mercedes W10 in designing the Racing Point RP20 by using photographs of the car, doing so within the regulations.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said the stewards’ ruling on the brake duct case proved this claim was “BS”, and that the rest of the RP20 car also had to be questioned.

The stewards’ ruling made no suggestion of wrongdoing on Mercedes’ part, but both Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto and Red Bull F1 chief Christian Horner have hinted

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