Join motor sports insider Nathan Brown as he recaps the final day of qualifying for the Indianapolis 500.

Indianapolis Star

INDIANAPOLIS – Marco Andretti was not crying. He wants you to know that. His eyes looked red, but he’d just rocketed four times around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hitting speeds of 240 mph to win the pole for the 2020 Indianapolis 500. Driving that fast in an open cockpit, maybe that’s what happens to your eyes. Like any of us would know.

His words were coming out in croaks, but he had an explanation.

“I was screaming after the run,” he was telling reporters afterward on a Zoom video call. “Everyone thinks I was crying. I just can’t talk now.”

No tears, but he was emotional. Marco will hoarsely concede that much. He has his reasons, and if you’re a racing fan, you know them. You know his grandfather, Mario