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Automotive’s “Opportunity Costs Of Goods Sold” During COVID-19

Explorer Roald Amundsen said “adventure is just bad planning,” and there are quite a few adventures going on within automotive these days, especially with respect to personnel during this COVID-19 crisis. In just the past couple of weeks, we have seen the following announcements:

March 17th: Volkswagen announces 7,000 jobs slashed

March 25th: FCA lays off 2,000 contract workers

March 26th: Ford partially defers executive pay, foretells of possible job cuts

March 26th: General Motors
GM defers 20% of pay for 69,000 salaried workers, furloughs 6,500

March 29th: Penske announces executive pay cuts and looming layoffs

March 30th: FCA temporarily cuts salaries from 20% (salaried) to 50%

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Five Ways COVID-19 May Impact The Future Of Infrastructure And Transportation

With each passing day, reports on rising total confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to dominate the global conscience, and the novel coronavirus is now present on every continent except for Antarctica. And the resulting fear is more pervasive. Thousands of people have perished as the effects of COVID-19 touch us all: stock markets have cratered, millions have become unemployed (temporarily or soon-to-be permanently), the federal government has passed a multi-trillion-dollar aid package, and health care institutions are being stretched thin. To “flatten the curve,” millions of people around the globe are quarantined in their homes or elsewhere, while infrastructure and transportation systems that bonded us globally, nationally, and locally are being used more sparingly

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