Whether you’re a born-again coal-roller or an acolyte of the Holy Order of Mother Earth, you can appreciate a car with good fuel economy—even if for different reasons. For some of us, the reason to care is all around us; the world is warming, and we’re speeding it up, so […]

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Wednesday to ban the sale and manufacturing of new gas-only cars in 2035. The mandate, aimed at combatting climate change, will require all new vehicles sold in the Golden State to have zero emissions. California’s transportation sector has contributed to at […]

Photographer: Anthony Devlin/Bloomberg Photographer: Anthony Devlin/Bloomberg The U.K. government must bring forward by a decade its ban on the sale of the most polluting cars if it wants to even come close to its climate change goals, new analysis showed. The British government is considering toughening its ban on internal […]

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Ever wonder if you could turn your car’s interior into a full-on light show? Well, that’s now possible because many modern vehicles offer cool ambient lighting, even on non-luxury cars. Keep reading to find out what ambient lighting is, as well as what cars have the best ambient lighting systems. […]

After the dreariness of the 1970s—in car design as well as other aspects of life—the ’80s were a decade of turnaround. Okay, sure, we all thought we were minutes away from getting nuked by the Soviets, but the economy was taking off like the Space Shuttle and Wall Street was […]

Hard as it may be for some to believe, 1990 was some 30 years ago now, and the cars we know and love from that decade have become, simply, classic. Look back at the era’s production models and you’ll see an evolutionary period, where straight lines largely gave way to […]

The hybrid car that changed the world • The electric cars that will change the world • $1,000s in rebates and incentives • 40 mpg for the long haul • All-electric daily driving • 38 mpg with smiles • $2.75 to recharge • No range anxiety • 35 mpg with zip  […]