Nissan to bring more electric vehicles to market, aiming to electrify half its range by 2023

• Nissan to electrify half its line-up by 2023.

• Ariyah compact SUV is the first vehicle to lead the electric charge in the new era.

• Ariyah has a maximum range of 610km.

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Earlier in July 2020, Nissan revealed its new electric SUV, called the Ariyah; the second electric vehicle in its portfolio after the Leaf. Now, though, news of a new electric SUV slotting in above the Ariyah broke, but Nissan is keeping mum on whether this vehicle will see the light, or not.

According to Autocar, Nissan Europe’s EV (electric vehicle) boss, Helen Perry, hinted at future models that will be built on the Ariyah’s platform. She said: “The (Ariyah’s) platform will be used for other cars in the future. The C-SUV and D-SUV segments are due to grow about 300% over the next three years, so we will look to use the platform in growth segments in the next few years.”

The Ariyah makes use of Nissan’s new CMF-EV architecture, an underpinning that can be used on several vehicles in future. It’s a concept like that of Volkswagen’s MQB platform that underpins cars like the Golf and Audi’s A1 and A3. VW now also has a new MEV platform for its range of electric cars.

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Nissan Ariyah

2021 Nissan Ariyah (Nissan Media)

Range is essential

In our coverage of Nissan’s Ariyah, we made mention that the electric SUV has a maximum range of 610km. According to Perry, that range is essential to bring future customers on board.

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She said: “The choice we’ve made for the Ariya is based on the way the customer will use the car. We’ve put in a bigger battery to have as little range anxiety as possible – hitting the 610km-mark – so it’s important if people are using it to travel (long distances) that they have access to the widest options for quick charging.”

Nissan is looking to electrify half of its line-up by 2023.

Nissan Ariyah

2021 Nissan Ariyah (Nissan Media)

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