Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Turns Into Camper Architecture via Advanced RV’s B Box

Daimler’s most universally acclaimed light commercial vehicle product is an easy pick – the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter perfectly fits the bill. It can be had in a variety of configurations, some of them having nothing to do with their intended destination of workhorse panel vans. Just ask any overlanding / adventurer / camper aficionado about the Sprinter and chances are most of them have a story or two with the three-pointed star model.

The Sprinter is among the best vehicles to start living a life on the road because it so perfectly impersonates #vanlife. No need to worry about finding spare parts – its global footprints ensures quick fixes. No need to worry about reliability – Mercedes has a solid reputation. No need to worry about choices and features – back in 2018 when the current generation was revealed in Europe it championed over 1,700 configurations.

No wonder that so many specialized camper modifications rely on the Sprinter platform, including American builder Advanced RV. The shop has been making custom, fully personalized motorhomes based on the Sprinter for a while and decided it was about time they used their experience to create a standardized platform.

Called the “B Box,” this is a Class B sized cab-chassis project in the prototype stage which showcases a range of new off-grid technologies and an expanded living space that adds to the brand’s usual personalized experience vision. The Ohio-based company usually turns any Sprinter into a custom camper van but this time around we are dealing with a specific build based off the model’s cab-chassis option.

The company is now offering just the first preview of its B Box prototype, so details are a little scarce to begin with. Still, Mike Neundorfer, Advanced RV’s CEO and owner promises a raft of innovative technologies and most of all a compact footprint that fits the dimensions of the standard Sprinter van while also offering more space inside.

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