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Master of Engineering (MEng)

The Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program is our professional-oriented graduate program that consists of high level, fast paced coursework and significant engagement with a real world engineering projects, preparing our graduates for a professional career path, or further graduate studies at MIT or elsewhere. This 9 month program, with opportunities for individualized tracks in CEE – prepares our graduates for addressing significant challenges in the domains of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Within the Environmental Engineering Science track of the MEng degree program, students pursue classes and research in their areas of interest, including hydrology, environmental chemistry, ecology, and environmental fluid mechanics.

Within the Structural Mechanics and Design track of the MEng degree program, students pursue curriculum and research in areas including structural engineering mechanics, computational design and optimization, and collaborative workflows at the interface of engineering and architecture.

For current MIT students, the program is a natural extension of the Institute’s 4 year Bachelor of Science degree for students to gain practical experiences and prepare for emerging fields in today’s job market.

Summary of Requirements
The Master of Engineering degree is awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed a structured program of at least 90 units, consisting of 66 units graduate level subjects, and a 24 unit thesis approved by the department. In one academic year, the students are required to take:

  • Four graduate subjects offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, totaling at least 48 units
    • Within the Structural Mechanics and Design track, two of the four CEE subjects must include 1.562 Structural Design Project I (Fall) and 1.563 Structural Design Project II (Spring)
  • Two elective subjects, possibly offered by other MIT departments, totaling at least 18 units
  • MEng Thesis, equivalent to 24 units

What do students do with their degree?
Graduates of the MEng Program go on to careers in as leaders in engineering firms, consultants and some pursue further graduate education.

The MEng Experience
Read about the MIT CEE MEng program from the perspective of previous students:

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