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Version 0.15


Automotive Message Broker is a vehicle network abstraction system. It brokers information from the vehicle
to applications. It provides application with a rich API for accessing vehicle data.

Automotive Message Broker is built using CMake and requires libltdl (libtool), libjson-c, and boost packages.


About the Git Tree:
‘master’ is expected to be unstable and may not even compile. If you want something more stable, checkout one of the
release branches (ie, 0.9.0, 0.10, etc)


To build:

cd automotive-message-broker
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


To install:

sudo make install


To run:


also see ambd -h for additional command line options


For information on ambd’s configuration, please see ambd-configuration.idl.

Running with the Qt mainloop:

Some source and sink plugins may want to use the Qt-based mainloop to take advantage of Qt features. To enable
the Qt mainloop, run cmake with -Duse_qtcore=On:

cmake .. -Dqtmainloop=On

You will also need to edit your config to enable the Qt-based mainloop:

	"mainloop" : "/PLUGIN_INSTALL_PATH/",
	"plugins" : "/etc/ambd/plugins.d"

NOTE: by default the glib mainloop will be used.


Questions or Comments can be emailed to the amb mailing list:
amb at

Issues and Feature requests can be submitted on our github page:

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