EV-Maker Fisker to Join Off-Road Extreme E Series

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Fisker, as in Henrik, the CEO, Karma, its first electric vehicle, and Ocean, the latest electric SUV, is in talks to join Alejandro Agag’s new series, Extreme E, which starts its five-race schedule in 2021. If the company does enter as a works team, it will join Chip Ganassi Racing, Andretti Autosport, HWA, Venturi, Abt Sportsline, Veloce and QEV Technologies. Some of those are already in Agag’s other new series, Formula E.

“We feel thrilled at the prospect of having Fisker Inc., a pure EV manufacturer, join Extreme E for the start of the first championship,” said Extreme E CEO Agag. “Creating the world’s most sustainable racing series is the perfect launch platform for their new Ocean SUV, as well as providing a challenging testing environment for product durability.”

The series will race in distant locales. Many have already felt the effects of climate change. Like Formula E, the new series is supposed to bring awareness to these regions. The tentative schedule starts in Senegal in January, goes to Saudi Arabia in March, Nepal in May, Greenland in August and Brazil in October.

“Alejandro brought electric vehicle racing into the mainstream with Formula E and I fully support his vision to reinvent off-road racing at the same time as creating an education platform for the threats posed by climate change, said Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker. “Extreme E and Fisker Inc. are completely aligned in our mission and values.”

Fisker will get a chance to feature its new Ocean EV SUV in the series, sort of.

“All teams will race our single spec Odyssey 21 in Season 1, with the ability to change the body kit to replicate the design of manufacturers own models, which for them will mean the ability to replicate the Ocean SUV,” said Julia Fry, a rep for the series. “As both the Ocean and Extreme E launch in early 2021, Extreme E will basically provide a global marketing platform to Fisker’s key sales markets i.e. North America, Europe, Asia. The opportunity for drivetrain and further technical input to the cars by manufacturing partners will come in subsequent seasons.”

The Odyssey 21 will feature a 550-hp electric powertrain, capable of a 4.5-second sprint to 60 mph.

“It’s made up of a common package of standardized parts, manufactured by Spark Racing Technology with a battery produced by Williams Advanced Engineering,” according to the Extreme E website. “This encompasses a niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame, as well as crash structure and roll cage, while tires, for both extreme winter and summer requirements, supplied by founding partner Continental Tires.”

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