Check Out These 3 Classic Porsches Reimagined For The Modern Era

The 914, 928, and 944 are due for a reboot.

Even after years of concerted effort to expand its lineup to include crossovers, SUVs, and electric vehicles, Porsche still has a focused portfolio. However, there are still segments it’s absent from where it’s competitors operate without worry. If Porsche wanted to expand further, it could easily resurrect past models for the modern era. Porsche Club of America has a new video highlighting which three icons it wants to receive new interpretations.

a car parked in a parking lot: Modern-Day Porsche

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Modern-Day Porsche

One that’s due for a reboot is the 914, Porsche’s Targa-topped, lightweight roadster. While it originally came with either a VW-sourced flat-four or a 911-derived flat-six engine, a new 914 would go electric. As the PCA video notes, batteries would significantly increase the car’s weight; however, compensating that would be the instant torque that’d be available. The powertrain would also give it a low center of gravity, making it enjoyable to drive. 

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Another classic Porsche that’d be ripe for a modern take would be the 928. Porsche’s lineup lacks such an offering right now, though one would help it compete against BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari’s front-engine 2+2 models. PCA would like to see a shortened Panamera platform underpin a modern 928, allowing it to use the GTS and Turbo S variants’ superb powertrain and performance parts. It’d be a top-tier offering for the automaker.

The final Porsche that’d be welcomed would be a new 944. However, achieving this would be quite tricky. Both Porsche and VW Group lack a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform that’d be suitable to the 944’s lightweight roots. A flat-four or flat-six engine would give it a low nose, while composite materials would keep the weight down. While these are ambitious ideas, they’re nothing more than fantasy. These are sports cars, which are struggling to find buyers today; however, Porsche’s forte are sports cars, and any new offering would likely make its competitors worry.

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