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Best bike helmets of 2020: Bern, POC, Thousand, & others

  • Wearing a bike helmet is incredibly important for a cyclist’s safety, not only protecting their head in the event of a crash but being able to save their life, as well. 
  • The best bike helmets offer some combination of a comfortable fit, protection from blunt and rotational impact, and high visibility. 
  • Our top pick, POC’s Octal X SPIN, features excellent ventilation, a highly protective design, and enhanced visibility, among a few other great safety features.

Bike helmets aren’t the same polystyrene buckets of the past. They’ve since become so specialized that the helmet one might use for commuting differs greatly from what they might grab for a road bike ride — and that’s a good thing. Forget one-size-fits-all, it’s the variety and specialization of today’s helmets that allow different riders to find one suited perfectly to their needs. 

Today’s cycling helmets can be aerodynamic, lightweight, visible, and, perhaps most important,

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Goodyear expands range of road bike tyres | Gear

Goodyear has expanded its road bike tyre offering with the launch of additional models to the Ultra High-Performance Road range, alongside a new range of Eagle Sport tyres.

The additions include tubeless complete models of the Ultra High-Performance Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport models, as well as the new Vector 4Seasons.

The new Ultra High-Performance Road models feature:

– Tubeless Complete: A multi-compound material layer added to Goodyear’s high-pressure Road-UHP tyre casing
– Dual Angle Bead: A proprietary bead design provides a better initial seal against the rim bed for tubeless setup while also providing superior air retention at full inflation pressures
– Forward Facing Fitment: Designed for use with modern rim widths, the tyre maintains the correct casing shape and tread cap positioning

The new Goodyear High-Performance Road collection is a new segment in the Goodyear line-up and is currently comprised of the Eagle Sport model, which is

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This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

If you hadn’t noticed, cities are changing. Since lockdown, urban planning is being turned on its head as people shun public transport and want more affordable, more environmentally friendly methods of transport than a car.

a close up of a car: This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

© Provided by T3
This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

An electric bike or e-scooter is an obvious choice, allowing riders to dodge traffic and eliminate the dreaded search for parking. They’re also modern, intuitive, and stylish.

They’re not perfect, however, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere where the winter brings months of wet and cold weather.

Enter Canyon’s Future Mobility Concept – bridging the gap between an e-bike and a car.

This radical vehicle is designed to seamlessly move from the road to the bike lane. It’s fast and stable enough to cruise down the open road, yet light and agile enough to slip into the bike lane when things

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The Vanmoof S3 electric bike is the future of urban mobility

Long gone are the days of unassisted pedaling. Sure, there’s still a place in the world for traditional bikes, but modern e-bikes are really changing the way people get around — especially in a congested (and steep) city like San Francisco.

a bicycle parked on the side of the railing

© Evan Miller/Roadshow

The Vanmoof S3 e-bike is a new and unique entry in this space. It’s like the combination of a Tesla and an Ikea chair: electric, loaded with tech, yet functional and looks great. It’s got Apple and Android connectivity, not to mention its own growling (literally) security system. As far as e-bikes are concerned, Vanmoof has truly thought of everything.

But rather than give it all away in text, check out the video above to see what life is like with Vanmoof’s electric bike. It’s even got a turbo button! What’s not to love?

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Top 5 hardtail mountain bikes for 2021

The humble hardtail seems to be going through a mini-revival, with a raft of cross-country, downcountry, trail and potentially even radder rigid frames being introduced for 2021.

The advantages are clear. Where uphill speed matters, the direct connection from crank to axle, without some energy-inefficient suspension spoiling the fun, is the quickest way to get up to speed.

Riding rough-and-ready trails on a hardtail might beat you up a little more, but there’s something almost zen-like about being able to pick the smoothest line between the chunder, while pumping through rollers to generate free speed.

Hardtails might also be lighter, easier to maintain and cheaper too, because there are simply fewer moving parts that add weight, a requirement to service, and need building in the first place.

So, we decided to pick out five notable bikes with a rigid rear-end that we’ve seen recently, ready for all of your 2021

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All the gear you need for your new cycling commute

It’s time for your casual velo love to go day-to-day. We’ve picked out the electric bike, the backpack, the commuter jacket, heck even our portable air pump of choice to get you set up and ready to cycle to work.

Lumos Ultra

The original Lumos was the first bike helmet to be sold at the Apple store, and the combination of smart features and built-in lights quickly earned it cult status among conscientious commuters. This updated version now packs in even more safety features without a hike in price: you get 360-degree lights from three LED modules, turn indicators that can be activated via the handlebar-mounted remote control or using the gyroscope in your Apple Watch, and you can even upgrade the already A-star protection to include a MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System) that offers unrivalled brain safeguarding in the event of angled or rotational impact.

Price: $84 | Indiegogo


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Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Partner With Exclusive Apparel Collection

The Bike Shed Celebrates American Motorcycling with Indian Motorcycle;

Two Passion-Fueled Motorcycle Brands Celebrate the Soon-to-Open Bike Shed Los Angeles Destination

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, and London’s iconic Bike Shed Motorcycle Club today announced a collaboration to launch an exclusive lineup of lifestyle apparel. Designed in celebration of motorcycles, motorcycle culture, and the soon-to-open Bike Shed Los Angeles destination, the co-branded collection includes a range of men’s and women’s shirts and hats, along with an exclusive BSMC x Indian Motorcycle sweatshirt and riding jersey.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

The Bike Shed Celebrates American Motorcycling with Indian Motorcycle; Two Passion-Fueled Motorcycle Brands Celebrate the Soon-to-Open Bike Shed Los Angeles Destination (Photo: Business Wire)

Brought together through shared values and the idea that there is no wrong way to appreciate motorcycling, Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club believe in creating a welcoming

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Femor Professional Bicycle Maintenance Tools 48 Piece review

You won’t be the first and certainly not the last person to consider buying cheaper, unbranded or, at least, lesser known branded products from Amazon. Thanks to its mostly free and speedy delivery, favourable returns policy and vastness of scope of what it sells, it’s frequently an appealing prospect to purchase almost everything from the online giant.

And that extends to bike tools and parts, too. While there are some branded kits available from the likes of Park Tool, there’s also a wealth of less well-known brands churning out kit at respectable prices.

We trawled the marketplaces’ bestsellers and decided to purchase the Femor Professional Bicycle Maintenance Tools 48 Piece toolkit with our own cash to see how it compared to kits from brands such as Topeak, PRO, LifeLine and Halfords.

Femor Professional Bicycle Maintenance Tools 48 Piece toolkit details

Femor Professional Bicycle Maintenance Tools 48 Piece toolkit

The carry case is practical and although the tools rattle,

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A Push to Return U.K.’s ‘Motor City’ to Its Cycling Roots

COVENTRY, England — Through leafy suburban streets, then up and over a narrow bridge, the path for cyclists heading north into Coventry seems smooth and easy until it ends abruptly — at a busy four-lane “ring road” with no on ramp.

Here, as cars roar by, the choice is stark: Get off your bike and navigate a grimy pedestrian underpass, or head home.

As with Detroit, Coventry’s 20th-century development was shaped by automobile manufacturing, and although those factories have vanished, the road network is what you might expect of Britain’s “motor city.”

Now cyclists are fighting back with a campaign that blends arguments about health, the environment, the coronavirus pandemic — and history.

“If you look at the health crisis, the air quality crisis, the obesity crisis, the Covid crisis — time and time again the bicycle shows it has a real part to play,” said Adam Tranter, a bicycling

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How Climate Friendly is Bike Sharing? It’s Complicated

In Oklahoma, where modern bike sharing began, they’re called Tulsa Townies. In New York, they’re CitiBikes. In Denver, bike sharing is called B-Cycle. In Washington, D.C., the program is Capital Bikeshare.

These brightly colored bikes and their riders, often seen braving a gauntlet of impatient taxis, city buses and delivery trucks in dense urban areas, are nearly ubiquitous in these cities, granting commuters the freedom to leave their cars behind and get to their destination on their own schedule without having to walk far or take a bus or train.

Denver B-Cycle bikes at a docking station.
Credit: Jeremy Crantek/flickr

Though bike sharing in other forms has been around for decades, automated electronic bike sharing systems are a recent invention, and they’re spreading quickly through the country’s biggest cities. New York’s CitiBike program, which began in May 2013, counted 8.7 million riders in its first year.  

Several things are nearly

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