Buying a Car: 5 Tips from Dealerships

Do you want to buy a car? Adopt these tricks revealed by experts to leave the dealership with your dream car and some money in your pocket.

Buying a Car: 5 Tips from Dealerships

Buying a car can be difficult. There are infinite things to consider, such as safety, fuel efficiency, and reliability, which means choosing the right car is crucial. Finding the right vehicle can seem overwhelming with many choices out there.

Today we are revealing the practices of a professional dealership for selling cars in Dubai. Information that will help you remain more objective during a future negotiation.

  • Research

Start with emails and phone calls. Email several car dealerships asking about their best deals on new and used cars. Even if you think you have found the right price, you can save money by comparing prices offered by other dealers for similar vehicles.

Sellers spend their days selling. You can’t master convincing them to give you a lower price as they will be at getting you to buy. Focus on what you can do, which is to force dealers to compete with each other by giving you their best prices.

  • Time

Plan the time of your purchase. If possible, wait until the end of the summer. Before the holidays, dealers need to make room for new vehicles and reduce prices accordingly on older models. You can also expect more competitive financing offers such as 0% interest.

Such offers will continue to crop up from time to time over the following months, keep an eye out for discounts from October to December unless you want the latest model that will cost more.

A good rule of thumb is to not purchase a new car during peak season. The worst time to buy a car is late spring and early summer. That’s because the price is at its highest point during this period.

  • Installments

Saying you’re considering a lease is like telling the dealer you’re a monthly installment buyer. The salesperson will then focus on lease terms that match the monthly payments you are willing to pay rather than negotiating the price of the car. Thus, negotiate the price first, then negotiate the monthly lease payments.

The most common trick to set a higher selling price is negotiating payments rather than price. With payments being the number one concern for most buyers, it’s usually easy to get the buyer’s attention on this aspect.

Increasing the monthly payment by just $20 usually raises the selling price by around $1000. Also, inflating the expected interest rate by calculating payments at the start of the negotiation allows room for maneuvering to maximize the purchase price.

  • Budget

Determine how much you can afford before visiting a dealership. When buying a new car, you want to know exactly how much you can spend and plan accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out how much a specific vehicle costs because dealerships are often able to charge customers more than they advertise their cars for.

Remember that you also need to take into account the other expenses associated with owning a new or used vehicle. For example, you’ll likely need to finance some portion of the car’s total cost, such as the down payment, taxes, and registration fees every year until you sell any car in Dubai or trade it back in.

  • Warranty

Beware of extended warranties. Dealers buy these warranties from the manufacturer and drive up their price by selling them to you while cash goes straight into their pockets. Negotiate the price of warranties or buy them directly from the manufacturer.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off is to negotiate warranty prices. If you don’t know what car warranties cost, contact the manufacturer for a quote. They will tell you exactly how much it costs per year to cover repairs under the terms of the warranty.

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