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A lad of 16 spends a day on his bike in and about a village on the coast of the North Sea south of Newcastle. He heads to the shore for a contemplative smoke, rides into the village for a visit to a candy shop, then goes back to the strand. Clouds, water, shadows, and reflections give his day texture as do his internal monologues – comic commentary on adults, thoughts about dying, and observations about his family. Afternoon rain sends him looking for shelter. He explores a shack where someone lives. What discoveries await?
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Boy and Bicycle (1965) was Ridley Scott’s very first film: A black-and-white short, shot on 16mm without sound. Scott shot the footage in 1961 while studying at the Royal College of Art. The shoot was funded with £65 (for film stock and processing) and a Bolex 16mm camera (free rental) by the RCA. In 2017, Scott remembered: “My brother, Tony Scott, was the actor and chief equipment carrier (smiles). I remember it cost £65, and I took six weeks to bugger about on Redcar and Hartlepool beach to make this movie.” The short film (including soundtrack, music and titles) would only be fully completed and copyrighted in 1965 with a £250 grant from the British Film Institute. See more »


Edited into Cinema16: British Short Films (2003)

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Onward Christian Spacemen
Composed and Conducted by John Barry
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