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Bicycle Long Island


Island is 130 miles long. On it’s western end is the borough of Queens,

part of New York City. On the easternmost tip is the Montauk Lighthouse.

A wide variety of communities can be found in between.


those who know and are willing to put forth just a bit of effort, Long Island

offers beautiful scenery, excellent roads and numerous trails for both the

novice and experienced rider.


a result of this bounty of cycling opportunity, several clubs have been

founded over the years. In 1987 mostly in an effort to organize what was

to become an enormously successful cycling event, the “Long Island

GEAR (Great Eastern Area Rally)”, the five largest clubs came together and formed an umbrella

organization. Over time, it has become a vehicle for coordinating each clubs

major events so that they conflict as little as possible and for assisting

each club in promoting these rides to each other’s members and to other

clubs in the New York Region.

A second and by no means minor outgrowth has been to create a means

for the entire Long Island Cycling Community to unite as one lobby. This

affords us much greater opportunity to be contributors to the preservation

and expansion of cycling resources when the political environment is favorable,

and to protest much more effectively when it is not. Between the five clubs

our membership is well in excess of three thousand.

Why This Site?


the web rapidly expands, it is necessary for all of us to become a part

of it. All the clubs are in agreement that a web presence

is necessary and believe a centralized resource is a logical extension of

the Paumonok function.


page provides links to web sites for all five club’s as well as

other cycling organizations on Long Island. It’s purpose is to provide a

comprehensive cycling resource for it’s members by providing links to as

many facets of cyling interests both on and off Long Island as possible.


includes a comprehesive

list of cycling companies with contact information or hot links to their

sites, including equipment manufacturers and distributors and tour operators, a comprehensive list of relevant e-zines,

local, regional, nationwide and worldwide and a “Major Event List”

including the promoted events for all the clubs, in one location. This visability

and ease of access will facilitate the avoidance of scheduling conflicts

between club events and promotion of these events to interested cyclists

both in our immediate vicinity, surrounding regions and even nationwide.


additional and equally important function is to provide our membership a

simple means of contacting their local political representatives regarding

legislation that effects our interests.

pages by Retsambew
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All content of this site @1995
through 2005, Paumonok Bicycle Clubs, Inc. and/or one
or all of the five member Paumonok Clubs
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