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March 27, 2020 ARA Update to Recyclers

While many state and localities have put into place Emergency Orders to close non-essential businesses, the New Jersey Governor went a step further and issued Executive Order 109 requiring businesses to inventory their personal protective equipment (PPE) by 5:00pm ET today, Friday, March 27.  The specific order states:

“that any business, non-hospital health care facility of institution of higher learning in possession of PPE, ventilator, respirators, or anesthesia machines not required for the provision of critical health care services shall undertake an inventory of these supplies.”

The Order does not state that the state will take the needed supplies at this point in time – that determination will be made at a later time if needed.  Those businesses not in compliance are subject to imprisonment and/or a fine.  If a business has PPE it can also sign up to donate that equipment through the same website.  The link is:

ARA will track these and similar developments that might crop up in hot spot areas and please watch for similar Orders in your state.

The 3rd coronavirus economic relief plan that passed the U.S. Senate is being held up in the House of Representatives by one Congressman who might not agree to a voice vote.  As mentioned yesterday, the plan was to bring the $2 trillion bi-partisan package to the House floor under Unanimous Consent (UC) which allows for a voice vote if no one objects.  Otherwise a quorum has to be established and a roll call vote taken.  Currently the House is calling back Members of Congress to be prepared to vote in person on the measure because Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) has discussed opposition and may hold up the UC option.  Plans are being finalized for Capitol building social distancing protocols if this action is needed.   A final resolution is sure to happen on such an important piece of economic relief and ARA will provide more details on provisions once analyzed and finalized.

A state-by-state chart of state actions, provided by the National Governors Association, was updated yesterday and it notes Emergency Declarations, Major Disaster Declarations, Statewide Limits on Gatherings, Statewide Closures of Non-Essential Businesses, Statewide Curfews and other actions.  The link is HERE.

STAY SAFE! Stay Healthy!  Please do not hesitate to contact ARA Staff with any questions or concerns.  You can reach us at 571-208-0428 extension 2 or 3 or Sandy directly at 505-228-0401.

In order to comply with the Virginia Governor’s Directive to close all non-essential businesses, we will close the ARA Office as of mid-afternoon Monday, March 25th, and work remote from home. You will still be able to reach us at 571-208-0428, Ext. 2 or 3.  However, if an immediate response is needed, please call ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock, at 505-228-0401.

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