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Alex’s Yeti SB165 long-term review

After spending nearly two years with my last long-term test bike, the Orange Stage 6, I was struggling to find a replacement. I wasn’t sure if I wanted more or less travel, whether I wanted 27.5in or 29in wheels or if I even wanted a trail, enduro or all-mountain bike.

Although I wouldn’t exactly call my situation a total bind – and there are much worse problems to have in life – it did leave a bit of a question mark over the sort of bike I needed, and wanted, for 2020 and 2021 to fulfil my love of gravity-fed riding while still being able to pedal about.

Yeti SB165 enduro mountain bike

A stunning bike worthy of mountainous terrain.
Alex Evans

So ending up with a 165mm travel, coil shock, 27.5in-wheeled rig took me a little by surprise to be totally honest, but I’m hoping that reverting back to the smaller wheel size and

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Price AUD $59,990
Listing Type Used
Stock Number 2064
Refcode TA1052727
Body Type Sedan
No. of Doors 4
Fuel Type Unleaded
Transmission Automatic
Odometer 59603
Colour White

Known as the 1997 S1 WGR (Wayne Gardner Racing) this was the top of the line WGR Road Division Vehicle available in 1997! This is Build #2 and was Wayne Gardner’s Personal Car with his name in the log book! This is an Untouched and Unmolested Example, with only 59,000kms and still holding its original parts and paint – Running its Original 5.0L Engine with Enhancements from the WGR Team – Automatic Transmission – WGR Engine Cover – WGR Dash Cluster – WGR Floor Mats – WGR Badges and Sticker – WGR

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New Nissan Z sports car pays tribute to original Datsun 240Z

You can say goodbye to the Nissan 370Z, the two-seater that recently helped the company celebrate 50 years of sports car performance.

That’s because it’s time to say hello to an all-new Nissan Z, possibly coming next year as a 2022 model. Officially called Proto Z, this just-revealed sports car could get the name 400Z for production. While looking very different from the car it will replace, it might look familiar if you know your Z-car history. The headlights, grille, overall shape, and little details here and there are tributes to the original Datsun 240Z of 1970. That car really put Datsun — the name Nissan used for years — on the performance automotive map.

While the next-gen Z honors its past, it’s also very much ready for tomorrow. Under the hood, a twin-turbo V6 engine likely good for well over 300 horsepower. While Nissan’s other cars move toward electrification,

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Alfredo Bicycles Have Handmade Wooden Frame, Lifetime Guarantee

As such, we’ve spoken about a lot of regular and electric bicycles over the course of the past few months, but not a single one of them holds a candle to the Alfredo. And that’s because Alfredo is as old-school as it gets.

Whereas the rest of the world is in a rush to get to where they have to be, and to get there as fast as possible thanks to powerful motors and bigger batteries, two Italians from the villa of Cittiglio are building two-wheelers that go way back. With a frame made entirely of wood and entirely by hand, the Alfredo is a modern take on one of the oldest forms of transportation and, at the same time, a tribute to Italian cyclist Alfredo Binda.

Named after Binda and built in the small town in which he was born, the Alfredo bicycle is a superb thing to look

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Home Brew Motorized Bicycle Is A Super Grocery Getter

[Thor] sent in an awesome motorized bike build he found coming from the fruitful workshop of [Jim Gallant]. It’s an incredible piece of work built nearly entirely from scratch.

[Jim] welded the frame together on a home-built jig that keeps all the chrome-moly tubes in alignment before they’re pieced together. With the jig, the frame was kept extremely straight making a bike that turns very well and can be ridden no-handed.

All of [Jim]’s previous motorized bikes used small Honda engines, but after hearing Robin Subaru engines are more reliable he decided to give one a go. The motor is attached to the derailleur gears with a continuously variable transmission usually found in scooters. [Jim]’s earlier motorized bikes didn’t have indexed shifting and disc brakes like modern motorized bikes, but he decided to throw them in anyway. Everyone who rides his new super grocery getter comments on how smooth the

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Vine Architecture reveals plan for homes in Enfield pub car park

The housing scheme will sit on the land behind The Goat pub in Ponders End, Queensway, which is currently being used for hand car washes.

In June, Vine Architecture Studio won approval from Enfield Council for the project, which will also refurbish and extend the pub.

The Goat was built in 1778 but rebuilt with a mock Tudor façade in the 1930s. It has recently become locally listed.

According to the architect, ‘the proportions, depth and rhythm of the proposed apartment building’s facade was derived from mapping the decorative pub façade and interpreting its hierarchy’.

The owner of the pub, Developland, had intended to develop the new flats and continue running the tavern, but has now decided to put the entire property on the market.

Diagram showing how form of new flats is derived from the existing pub’s mock Tudor façade

Architect’s view

The project’s ambition was to rationalise the

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California To Ban Sale Of New Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Wednesday to ban the sale and manufacturing of new gas-only cars in 2035. The mandate, aimed at combatting climate change, will require all new vehicles sold in the Golden State to have zero emissions.

California’s transportation sector has contributed to at least 50 percent carbon emissions released into the atmosphere, contributing to rising climate problems and hampering air quality, the governor said Wednesday. By eliminating gas-powered vehicles, total greenhouse gas emissions would be limited by more than a third, significantly reducing tailpipe pollution.

The California governor’s decision to sign an order over the legislative process is one of the most aggressive actions taken to tackle climate change within the United States.

“I don’t know of any other state in this country that’s been more forceful and forthright in establishing an anchor and a consciousness around climate change,” Newsom said.

The ban

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The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster Is the Ultimate Front-Engine Sports Car

With my foot pinned to the brake pedal coming into a corner, the Mercedes-AMG GT R barks as it flicks down another gear. Its front end is eager, diving toward the apex with commitment. Cresting the uphill turn, a slow roll onto the throttle wakes the front-mid-mounted V-8, the power rotates the rear as the GT R squats out of the corner. Ears ringing, engine bellowing, more speed than I’d care to admit.

a car parked on the side of a road: Few cars are as brutal and charming as Mercedes's 577-hp drop-top.

© Mack Hogan
Few cars are as brutal and charming as Mercedes’s 577-hp drop-top.

These moments always stand out—when it’s clear you’re not driving a good car, but a great one. A McLaren 720S on first corner exist, a Shelby Cobra 289 on first rotation, an S2000 hitting VTEC, and now a Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster browbeating its way up Bear Mountain.

a blue car parked on the side of a road: 2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

© Mack Hogan
2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

The speed isn’t the magic. Of

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Jeep Plans Entire Wagoneer Family of Vehicles

Jeep is in the family way, and the brand is expanding into the three-row premium SUV space with a whole portfolio of vehicles under the Wagoneer name.

The first members of the new Wagoneer family will arrive in the summer of 2021, including a mainstream 2022 Jeep Wagoneer. That model is expected to start at about $60,000 and take on such competitors as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition, and GMC Yukon. At the same time, Jeep will launch the 2022 Grand Wagoneer that will take on the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

Once production is humming along at the assembly plant in Warren, Michigan, Jeep will add even bigger boys in the form of long-wheelbase versions. The stretched Wagoneer will tackle the Chevy Suburban, Ford Expedition Max, and GMC Yukon XL, while the longer upscale Grand Wagoneer is pointed at the Escalade ESV and Navigator L. The Grand Wagoneer, which

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Nissan gives us an early glimpse of its first new Z sports car in over a decade

On Tuesday night, Nissan unveiled the Z Proto, offering up an early look at what will be the first new version of its Nissan Z sports car in more than a decade.

a car parked on the side of a road: The Nissan Z Proto is intended as a preview of an upcoming Nissan Z model.

© Nissan
The Nissan Z Proto is intended as a preview of an upcoming Nissan Z model.

The Z Proto, which Nissan calls a “development study vehicle,” is a “near-production protoype,” according to the company.

Nissan’s Z cars have long had a passionate following and early models have become collectibles. Original 240Zs that are in good condition are worth about $20,000 today, according to collector car appraisers at Hagerty. But an extraordinary 1971 model with only 21,000 miles sold on the auction website last January for $310,000.

The last production version, which is sold as the 370Z in the US, was introduced in 2009. It hasn’t been substantially redesigned since then.

The Z Proto has a number

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