Ask Tim: Where does “embarrassed” Ferrari go from here? – F1

What are the things Ferrari needs to improve from a technical standpoint?

io.sono.marcsenase via Instagram

Where to start! Sebastian Vettel said his Ferrari felt “unrecognisable” during the Austrian Grand Prix, but I don’t think that the car handling is bad. Clearly, its struggles are down to the whole approach to the aerodynamics, added to the fact it has obviously lost a bit of engine performance from last year through its skulduggery…

Mattia Binotto has admitted that Ferrari has taken the wrong philosophy on its aero packaging with some correlation problems from the design office to the track and, as a result, it is going to bring a completely different car to Budapest. There’s such a fine line between getting it right and not, and obviously Ferrari has got it wrong. It’s the little details that make all the difference, as we’ve seen with Mercedes bringing a raft of changes to Austria when it already had a quick car in testing.

Binotto said that the layoff period meant Ferrari wasn’t able to understand the problems it was facing, but I just feel that Ferrari has taken its eye off the ball. It has had plenty of time since Barcelona to look at what Mercedes has done, but we’re now three months down the line and it’s still in the same position.

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