6 Things About Oil Seals That You Need To Know

Oil seals play a crucial role in the maintenance of shafts and bearings. It is a way to ensure shafts and bearings are protected from dirt and foreign matter, and egress of oil or grease. There are so many aspects of oil seal and oil seal manufacturers in India:

1.  What’s It Used For?

The essential thing to know about oil seals before contacting oil seal manufacturers around you is to know the reason behind their use. It is meant to be used for hydraulic systems, pipes, pistons, pumps, etc. All these things may contain dirt and foreign particles, which would hamper their performance in a big way. If you require them to function correctly, you will have to use oil seals for their proper maintenance. They are mainly meant to seal a rotating component. This is the reason why they are called rotating seals as well.

2.  The Types Of Oil Seals

When you reach out to a quality oil seal manufacturer in India, you’re going to know about different types of oil seals. The most common type of oil seal comes with an outer metal part and a flexible part inside it. This inner part is made of rubber and attached to the external function when vulcanization is time. If you require oil seals to prevent fluid leakage, this will suit you best.

Another type of oil seal has a metal outer part encased in rubber. There are all kinds of irregularities in the seal housing surface. To deal with it, this type of oil seal is preferred, and it also has a wide tolerance.

You will also get to know about automotive seals. These are the seals meant to keep the impurities away from the oil lip seals. They have undercuts that prevent bending or breaking the seal or sealing shaft.

3.  How To Order

Before you contact an oil seal manufacturer in India, you should know the manufacturer’s part number, the overall sizes of shaft diameter, housing diameter, and bore depth. Before you order, know the application of the oil seal properly and how it will benefit you.

4.  Materials

There are all kinds of materials used for oil seals. Leather is the most common, followed by synthetic rubber. Nitrile, Polyacrylate, and Silicone are also preferred. If you reach a quality oil seal manufacturer, you will find all these materials.

5.  Installation

As far as the installation is concerned, we will advise you to take the help of a professional. If you’re specifically going to prevent the leakage of the liquid, you probably have to consider installing it perfectly. That’s possible only if you take the help of a professional who has the experience to do the job.

6.  The Use

Once you have ordered the product from a top oil seal manufacturer in India, you probably need to know where to use it. You have to consider the environment, temperature, shaft speed, pressure, lubrication amongst all the different factors before finding the proper use of the oil seals.

These are a couple of things you need to know about oil seals. As you can see for yourself, they have got practical use. You have to make sure that you take the help of a quality oil seal manufacturer to get the material before putting it to use!

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