3 Top Tuition Center Choices for Pri/Sec/JC/IP/IB

3 Top Tuition Center Choices for Pri/Sec/JC/IP/IB

Teachers, tuition center environment, and fellow students all combined together makes the atmosphere of learning more fun and exciting. Without proper environment it is hard to focus on studies. Different students in center or school has different learning ability. Some has sharp mind and they grab concepts quickly while some need more attention from teacher. There are many possible factors that makes a kid uncomfortable in studying at school or tuition center. Some possible reasons are the environment of the class or distraction from fellow students, or the teacher is not giving proper attention to each student.

As parents, it is really tough to find a way that helps your kids to stay focus on studies. The question that arises in every parents mind is how to cope with this? So the simple answer to this question is enroll your kids in Science Tuition Center or hire a private tutor. In our opinion, enrolling them in tuition center is good to go with.

The reason behind this is first you are seeing your kids are struggling in studies and second is you don’t have time to teach them yourselves. So the only option is to enroll them in a tuition center where professional and certified teachers teach them. In this article, we have listed top 3 science and physics tuition centers for Pri/Sec/JC/IP/IB.


  1. Tutor City

If you want the most experienced tuition center who is working for more than 10 years than you must go with Tutor City. Their teachers has the ability to find what is wrong with your kids, at which point they are weak and identify the strength of each student. Why we keep it on top is because they have highly experienced and certified teachers plus the affordable rates for every parents making it most famous in Singapore.

With over 20,000 tutor database, it is not hard to find the right tutor for your children. Since 2010, Tutor City is working and till now they have satisfied more than 40,000 parents and still satisfying more and more. They are not only providing service for tuition center but also providing private tutor service.


  1. Making Sense

The second center is Making Sense that is specialized only in Chemistry subject. If your kids are facing issue in learning chemistry than you must go with Making Sense tuition center in Singapore. They have a unique learning methodology that makes the learning process of chemistry very easy. They do fun things during chemistry lecture that makes the lecture engaging.The teachers regularly brainstorm the students so they can come up with new ideas and innovations. Making Sense has been rewarded with Best Chemistry Tuition Center in Singapore.


  1. Ace Physics and Maths Tuition

If your kids are struggling in physics and maths subject then there is no better option than Ace Physics and Maths Tuition center. The center has main focus on physics and mathematics studies with certified teachers who are committed to help students all time. All tutors have strong grip on all topics and have unique teaching methodology.

Another good thing is they conduct only small classes with limited students that mean each student will get proper attention. APM teach students of PSLE, O & A Level, and IB SL/HL.

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