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Geauga Park District opens mountain bike trail with a scenic view of nature: Valley Views

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — The Geauga Park District recently opened Geauga County’s first single-track mountain bike trail. Located in Big Creek Park in Chardon Township, the 2-mile trail offers an outdoor adventure for beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike, with minimal disruption of the natural setting, allowing for a ride with a view of nature.

The park’s master plan calls for more trails in the future that would be geared more toward intermediate mountain bikers.

The addition of the mountain bike trail was completed through a partnership with the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA), which designed and developed the trail with the help of GPD’s in-house construction crew.

Hikers share a half-mile of the trail, and the direction of travel changes daily to promote an even wear of the surface. Care was taken to avoid wetlands and flat areas to create a trail that is fun to ride at

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