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Check Out These 3 Classic Porsches Reimagined For The Modern Era

The 914, 928, and 944 are due for a reboot.

Even after years of concerted effort to expand its lineup to include crossovers, SUVs, and electric vehicles, Porsche still has a focused portfolio. However, there are still segments it’s absent from where it’s competitors operate without worry. If Porsche wanted to expand further, it could easily resurrect past models for the modern era. Porsche Club of America has a new video highlighting which three icons it wants to receive new interpretations.

a car parked in a parking lot: Modern-Day Porsche

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Modern-Day Porsche

One that’s due for a reboot is the 914, Porsche’s Targa-topped, lightweight roadster. While it originally came with either a VW-sourced flat-four or a 911-derived flat-six engine, a new 914 would go electric. As the PCA video notes, batteries would significantly increase the car’s weight; however, compensating that would be the instant torque that’d be available. The powertrain would also give it a low center

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Geely’s Open-Source SEA EV Architecture Has a Lot of Potential

Recently, the company announced the launch of its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), the world’s first open-source electrical vehicle platform, hoping to aid the rapid development of zero-emission cars and trucks all around the world.

Geely relies on the Compact Modular Architecture for its current range of electric cars, like the Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

It was originally built for internal combustion cars, alongside Volvo’s Research and Development Department and makes the new SEA architecture the Chinese car manufacturer’s first dedicated EV platform.

The highly scalable, pure electric architecture can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, from small, sub-compact cars to bigger, mid-sized sedans and compact SUVs. A larger version for Light Commercial Vehicles will also be developed.

The platform is also highly customizable, it can be fitted with single, double, or triple motor drives, it features a 5-star safety standard battery protection chassis and offers optimized

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JR car park sale alarm highlights absurd situation at great hospital

THE alarm at the John Radcliffe that vital staff parking space could be sold off is a reminder of the preposterous situation around parking there.

For years, staff and patients at our world-class hospital have complained at having to queue for up to an hour just to get a space, with many parking on surrounding residential streets instead.

We have even reported on homeowners in the area making cold, hard cash by renting out their driveways.

The situation clearly causes a lot of stress for employees and families who are already inherently dealing with a lot of stress from the very fact they are driving to a hospital – whether they are going to work or visiting a friend or relative.

One obvious, simple, and popular solution would be a multi-storey car park which could fit hundreds of cars.

Unfortunately for fans of that idea, our city council won’t allow

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