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What To Know When Getting A Motorcycle License

Getting my motorcycle license is probably among the most amazing choices I’ve made in life. Although it might seem quite hectic – it is, no lie – the licensing procedures, the e-permit Test, choosing what to read for, and making time for all the tests were just the perfect recipe for crazy. At first, I have to admit, I thought it was a walk in the park, you know, show up, do a little test, and voila! Get on the road to freedom – or should I say “the track to freedom”– bear in mind I had already purchased my bike from my motorcycle trader and the thrill of new wheels was just uncontainable.

Training Course

Like most people, I already knew how to ride one and therefore didn’t see the need to enrol in a motorcycle skills class. But my advice, if this isn’t mandatory to acquire a license … Read More


Turkey pumps brakes on car imports

Sep 8, 2020

The Turkish government has enacted drastic tax measures to curb car imports as it scrambles to ease a foreign exchange crunch. The move aims to encourage the sale of locally produced vehicles, but its impact remains questionable in a country where demand for imported cars has been traditionally high.

An ongoing flight of foreign capital, coupled with a sharp decline in hard currency revenues from exports and tourism during the coronavirus pandemic, have brought Turkey’s current account deficit to some $30 billion, with Ankara losing control of foreign exchange prices despite costly efforts to keep them in check. The price of the dollar shot up more than 7% in a mere month, hitting the region of 7.35 liras in mid-August. 

The demand for foreign exchange has been driven mainly by importers, entities indebted in hard currency and savers who see foreign exchange as a safe haven to

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