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2020 Honda Civic Si Sedan Long-Term Review Update 1

We established in the introductory story that I don’t seem to drive a lot of Honda Civics despite my job being to drive all the things, so the short-long-term 2020 Honda Civic Si and I are still getting acquainted. So far, so good.

Some of my colleagues have been down on this generation of Civic Si because it has a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine tuned up from everyday Civic spec, not a purpose-built, naturally aspirated, high-rpm screamer like past generations of Si. As much as I love a good naturally aspirated engine, this doesn’t bother me, mostly because I never formed an emotional attachment to those old Si models. Maybe it was lack of sufficient exposure, but I’m not mad about this engine.

Not that folks’ criticisms are nonsense. The engine is laggy, like they say, and the revs hang when you upshift. Neither of those things really bugs me,

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Goodyear expands range of road bike tyres | Gear

Goodyear has expanded its road bike tyre offering with the launch of additional models to the Ultra High-Performance Road range, alongside a new range of Eagle Sport tyres.

The additions include tubeless complete models of the Ultra High-Performance Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport models, as well as the new Vector 4Seasons.

The new Ultra High-Performance Road models feature:

– Tubeless Complete: A multi-compound material layer added to Goodyear’s high-pressure Road-UHP tyre casing
– Dual Angle Bead: A proprietary bead design provides a better initial seal against the rim bed for tubeless setup while also providing superior air retention at full inflation pressures
– Forward Facing Fitment: Designed for use with modern rim widths, the tyre maintains the correct casing shape and tread cap positioning

The new Goodyear High-Performance Road collection is a new segment in the Goodyear line-up and is currently comprised of the Eagle Sport model, which is

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Mahindra Partners With REE Automotive For Electric Commercial Vehicle Development

Mahindra and Israel-based REE Automotive have partnered for electric commercial vehicle (eCV) development. Both companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore the development and manufacturing of eCVs for global markets.

The partnership will help Mahindra make use of REE’s revolutionary electric vehicle corner module and platform technology. The company has developed a unique setup of integrating powertrain, suspension and steering components in the arch of a vehicle wheel.

Such setup will make it ideal for commercial use, which helps clear-up space in the centre that is usually taken by battery and motors. The electric commercial vehicles using the platform will offer enhanced practicality need for the segment.

The platform can suit any kind of format as the architecture remains the same. As a result, it can spawn a host of eCVs varying in size and length giving the buyers a host of options to choose depending on

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Banning Gas Cars by 2030 Would Meet U.K. Climate Goal

Brexit Heartlands Are Paying the Highest Price for Coronavirus

Photographer: Anthony Devlin/Bloomberg

The U.K. government must bring forward by a decade its ban on the sale of the most polluting cars if it wants to even come close to its climate change goals, new analysis showed.

The British government is considering toughening its ban on internal combustion engine cars in order to drive sales of electric vehicles. The move would not only cut pollution but also create a market that’ll attract manufacturers and new jobs to the U.K.

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It’s consulting on bringing forward the current 2040 prohibition on the sale of gas and diesel cars to 2035, or earlier if feasible. The study published Friday by Greenpeace and Green Alliance said that a 2030 ban would cut 90 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in the years 2028-2032 – that’s about a quarter of all U.K. emissions

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