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What Kind of Bike Do I Need?

Deciding to purchase my sportbike was pretty easy for me, I had dreamed and yearned for a sportbike for as long as I can remember. However, this isn’t always the case as purchasing a bike is a big decision and even bigger on the kind. among the questions you should ask yourself, keep it clear on “what hobbies am I getting into, or do I just want something for my usual commutes?” or whether an adventure is a major steer for the purchase and so on.

Well, I have all that simplified for new buyers who happen to be undecided.

1.  Sportbike

Of course, I had to begin with my type – but don’t let me deter your judgement. Sportbikes are optimized for speed, acceleration, cornering, and braking. All these are granted at the expense of comfort. However, riders often customize the bike for a better seat and soft bags.… Read More


The TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph reimagines a true racing legend

It’s a big year for TAG Heuer – the storied Swiss watchmaker has turned 160 – so it’s no surprise that it has put the Carrera centre stage. While its portfolio includes a number of spot-it-across-the-room pieces, the Monaco in particular, the Carrera stands apart. In a sense, its heritage tells the story of the company’s modern era.

Think TAG Heuer and you immediately think motor sport. The origins of that association are to be found in the early 1960s, when the dial name was simply Heuer. The company had been forged in the world of timers and stopwatches, devices which had since been migrating onto wrists. So when Jack Heuer, the founder’s great grandson, took the reins in 1962, he decided to create a chronograph specifically for racing drivers. Drawing on the Bauhaus-like sensibilities he had acquired as an engineer, he determined its design should be clean, efficient and

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This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

If you hadn’t noticed, cities are changing. Since lockdown, urban planning is being turned on its head as people shun public transport and want more affordable, more environmentally friendly methods of transport than a car.

a close up of a car: This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

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This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

An electric bike or e-scooter is an obvious choice, allowing riders to dodge traffic and eliminate the dreaded search for parking. They’re also modern, intuitive, and stylish.

They’re not perfect, however, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere where the winter brings months of wet and cold weather.

Enter Canyon’s Future Mobility Concept – bridging the gap between an e-bike and a car.

This radical vehicle is designed to seamlessly move from the road to the bike lane. It’s fast and stable enough to cruise down the open road, yet light and agile enough to slip into the bike lane when things

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Electric Vehicle Company Canoo To List On Nasdaq Through Merger With Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IV

– Transaction to provide approximately $600 million of gross proceeds that will support the production and launch of electric vehicles (EV) featuring Canoo’s advanced skateboard technology

– Canoo’s proprietary, all-electric skateboard platform has been purposefully designed and engineered to support a wide range of business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) vehicle configurations

– First vehicle set to launch in 2022 is purpose-built for a subscription revenue model and leverages Canoo’s flat skateboard architecture to deliver the highest usable interior space in its class

– B2B delivery vehicle program expected in 2023 addresses a projected $50B+ last-mile delivery market with an EV platform that maximizes cargo volume

– Transaction is supported by a fully committed common stock PIPE of over $300 million, including investments from funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, among other institutional investors

– As a result of outsized demand, the PIPE offering was meaningfully oversubscribed and upsized

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