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RoboSense 80 Laser-Beam LiDAR RS-Ruby Lite Is Officially for Sale, Early-Bird Price $12,800

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RoboSense, the leading provider of smart LiDAR sensor, today launched an 80 laser-beam 3D sensing LiDAR ready for customer delivery with early-bird price of $12,800 (limited offer till 31st August, 2020), and standard price of $15,800. The timing of announcing this favorable package also marks the company’s 6-year anniversary. The performance of the RS-Ruby Lite is close to that of the 128 laser-beam LiDAR RS-Ruby, with a vertical angular resolution of 0.1 degrees and [email protected]% ranging ability (with the longest detection range of 230 meters), making it suitable to address medium-and-high-speed autonomous driving applications with a price much more affordable to accelerate the commercialization of smart and safe transportation.

Inheriting The Superb Performance Of The 128 Laser-Beam LiDAR RS-Ruby

The RS-Ruby Lite has inherited the superb performance from the 128 laser beams LiDAR RS-Ruby, whereas, it collects reduced amounts of but essential data of

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McLaren debuts new platform to underpin future hybrids

  • McLaren just introduced an all-new platform that’s meant for its upcoming generation of hybrid cars.
  • The first McLaren hybrid supercar to use that platform will launch in 2021.
  • McLaren will stop building traditional engines that rely on gasoline by 2030, according to the Financial Times.
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Boutique British automaker McLaren has only ever made two hybrid models. The first was the P1 in 2013. Only 375 were made. The second was the Speedtail in 2018. Only 106 were built. Since then, it’s been gasoline all the way. But that’s about to change.

On Tuesday, McLaren introduced an all-new platform intended to underpin its upcoming generation of electrified supercars. Designed specifically for future hybrid powertrains, the new carbon-fiber platform will ensure the cars are lightweight and safe. McLaren said the first hybrid supercar built on the platform will launch next year. 

The new architecture is

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