Nissan Z Proto H.Mochizuki Most of the world’s leading automotive brands have dabbled in producing sports cars at some point in their history. However, aside from some relatively low volume players, none of these cars have ever been core to the business of these brands. They typically sell in low […]

© Provided by TechRadar Renault Zoe The Renault Zoe is an electric car made for the city – compact, agile and packing enough tech to make driving a breeze. Not only does it offer the likes of cruise control, a reversing camera and a large touchscreen display, the Zoe is […]

Cruising down the boardwalk in Newport Beach on brown vintage Schwinn Collegiate bike. Neos Design – Cory Eastman | Getty Images Schwinn, the most recognized bicycle brand in the U.S. and once the top seller, was all set to celebrate its 125th anniversary this year with a marketing campaign featuring […]

Getting my motorcycle license is probably among the most amazing choices I’ve made in life. Although it might seem quite hectic – it is, no lie – the licensing procedures, the e-permit Test, choosing what to read for, and making time for all the tests were just the perfect recipe […]

Sep 8, 2020 The Turkish government has enacted drastic tax measures to curb car imports as it scrambles to ease a foreign exchange crunch. The move aims to encourage the sale of locally produced vehicles, but its impact remains questionable in a country where demand for imported cars has been […]

We’ve seen several ways so far of resurrecting a dormant car brand. There’s been the continuation build, like at Alvis, with period vehicles created from new-old-stock or parts created from original blueprints. We’ve seen brands wrap modern technology in historically-themed bodywork, as with the new Hispano-Suiza, or put that technology […]

There’s a variety of routes at 7stanes Glentress near Peebles making it Scotland’s premiere mountain bike trail centre. There’s also a bike shop, modern cafe and a camping ground to really make a stay out of it. As well as the tougher tests, there are two easy routes, perfect for […]

CLOSE Historically, many American police departments used batons, sometimes called ‘billy clubs,’ as part of standard equipment issued to officers. While many departments still issues expandable batons, old-fashioned ‘bill clubs’ have largely disappeared from police forces. (Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin) Today’s batch of burning questions, my smart-aleck answers and the […]

We established in the introductory story that I don’t seem to drive a lot of Honda Civics despite my job being to drive all the things, so the short-long-term 2020 Honda Civic Si and I are still getting acquainted. So far, so good. Some of my colleagues have been down […]