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Karma Automotive whistleblower paints a grim picture

When we wrote about Karma Automotive announcing the battery-electric Revero GTE last week, we called this months’ trio of announcements “This month’s Karma Automotive extravaganza.” It’s possible there’s more to this momentum than the excitement of expanding the EV landscape. Jalopnik recently ran what’s practically a whistleblower piece, based on information from “a confirmed source, who has a position in the company where they would be exposed to information provided,” that info then backed up by another company source. The piece is titled, Source Claims That Karma Will Lay Off Most Workers And Some Recent Prototypes Have Been Fake. A one-sentence précis is that Karma “is knowingly showing vaporware in an effort to put on a ‘magic show’ for its Chinese investors in a last-bid attempt to secure funding even as plans to lay off workers in early May are in place.”

Let’s back up to October 2019, when

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Car Covers – All Vehicle Makes & Models

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The Next Big OS War Is in Your Dashboard

Competition in automotive technology has long been about who’s got the most horsepower, the best towing capacity or the fastest acceleration. These days, though, it’s all about having the slickest infotainment systems and most-connected cars.

The shift in focus from what’s under the hood to what’s behind the dashboard has brought a largely covert war to the auto industry over the operating systems that will control these gadgets. As in the smartphone biz, the battle line is between proprietary and open source software. The outcome will determine what these systems look like, how they work and how distinctive they are as automakers embrace walled gardens or open ecosystems.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of getting this right. The amount of software in the average vehicle has grown exponentially — a typical new car has about 100 million lines of code — with the advent of sophisticated, cloud-connected

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Automotive design – Wikipedia

Automotive design is the process of developing the appearance, and to some extent the ergonomics, of motor vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, coaches, and vans.

The functional design and development of a modern motor vehicle is typically done by a large team from many different disciplines included within automotive engineering, however, design roles are not associated with requirements for Professional or Chartered-Engineer qualifications. Automotive design in this context is primarily concerned with developing the visual appearance or aesthetics of the vehicle, though it is also involved in the creation of the product concept. Automotive design as a professional vocation[1] is practiced by designers who may have an art background and a degree in industrial design or transportation design.
Terminology used in the field is found in the glossary of automotive design.

Design elements[edit]

The 2003 Bertone Birusa concept car on display at an International Car
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The safest modes of transportation during a pandemic, ranked

Using public transportation like the subway, a train, or bus can make it difficult to social distance or avoid touching shared surfaces.

subway coronavirus gloves

A person wearing gloves on a public subway train in New York City.

Braulio Jatar/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Due to subway line closures and fewer people on the subway, it may be easier to maintain distance between yourself and other passengers.

However, crowded subway cars, trains, and buses can quickly become a hotbed of contaminants due to high foot traffic and riders touching, sneezing, or coughing on shared surfaces.

In order to attempt to curb this, the MTA in New York City has modified its schedules for the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad, and strategically planned its subway line service during “peak” travel times.

“I understand people are trying to get somewhere, but no one should be getting on a crowded train,” Mayor Bill de

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California Car Insurance | GEICO

Auto Insurance Coverage in California

If you just moved to California and need auto insurance coverage, or you’ve been here for a while and are looking for cheap car insurance that doesn’t cut corners, you’ll be glad you got a quote with GEICO. So, how much is car insurance in California for your ride? You can get a free car insurance quote with GEICO online to find out. California also has some unique car insurance laws that make insuring a vehicle here different than other states, so read on to stay up to speed.

Minimum California Car Insurance Coverage

California requires drivers to carry at least the following auto insurance coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident minimum
  • Property damage liability coverage: $5,000 minimum
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage¹: $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident minimum
  • Uninsured motorist property damage coverage¹: $3,500 minimum


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Buying a new car in 2019? READ and SAVE $$$

Last Modified: March 17, 2020 by Jeff Ostroff  | Originally Published May 7, 1999

Using our car buying advice and tools, you’ll get a great deal that is more than fair for the dealership. If you set out to and aren’t prepared, then prepare to get ripped off, it’s that simple. We’ll explain how to get the most out of tools like TrueCar and RydeShopper.

People have no problem taking weeks to plan a vacation, but don’t spend a few hours doing research before they buy a $30,000 vehicle. Remember, the lowest price is not always the best “deal.” There are other factors that you need to take into account. You’ll be able to save a ton of money by following our advice.

1. The Best Car Price Doesn’t Mean You Got a Good Deal

A good deal means that you were treated fairly and the

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