1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Rendered as Mid-Engined Classic

We wonder if anybody working at Pontiac ever had the idea of a mid-engined sports car back in the late 1960s. Because this was just the type of crazy car company to try and make it happen.

American car brands aren’t estranged to the idea of mid-engined cars. These usually pop up from the “we’re better than everybody” character trait. You’ve got the Ferrari-slaying Ford GT, for example.

And Pontiac obviously had its own mid-engined machine, the Fiero. We think it tried to deliver something along the lines of a Japanese toy with precision suspension and steering. But GM only approved it thinking it was this economy commuter that got great mileage.

Due to budgetary restrictions, the Fiero ultimately failed. An oil-related problem caused many to burst into flames. All its sins have been forgiven, but today, we’re going to talk about something that appears even more exotic than the 1980s car: a mid-engined Pontiac Firebird.

There have been a few builds that have put pony cars up against Italy’s finest. Dom’s Charger is one example, but the custom scene only went crazy for mid-engined layout after the Corvette burst onto the scene. Every muscle car suffered a digital makeover, but the Firebird somehow slipped through the crack until today.

3D artist Rostislav Prokop created this pixel masterpiece that effortlessly blends the style of a Trans Am with the proportions of a Dino or Miura. It’s not in-your-face like a modern supercar, as most of the bodywork is functional. However, the artist couldn’t resist putting on an aero show with a barrage of carbon winglets at the front.

If a car like this existed in the real world, it would cause quite a scene. Of course, we’re aware that building one would probably cost a small fortune. But the iconic 1970 Firebird is one of the most recognizable muscle car shapes, and it deserves a makeover.

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