Steiner: “Elephant in the room” over Grosjean’s F1 future, not Haas’ – F1

dul sanchez

Haas boss Guenther Steiner has downplayed Romain Grosjean’s doubts over the future of the American Formula 1 team, remaining confident that it will still be in action in 2021.

On Thursday when asked about his future, Grosjean said that the “elephant in the room” was the uncertainty over the team’s future plans.

No teams have yet signed the new Concorde Agreement, so owner Gene Haas still has the option to close his operation down and walk away without penalty.

During the opening practice session, Steiner made it clear that he was not happy with Grosjean’s comments, suggesting that his driver’s future was in question, not the team’s.

“I think his answer was the wrong answer,” Steiner told Sky F1. “Because he was asked what he is doing, and he spoke for the team.

“I think the elephant is in his room, not in our room.

“We know what we want

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Steiner: F1 penalty system “not working right” after Albon British GP clash – F1

dul sanchez

Haas boss Gunther Steiner says Formula 1’s penalty system isn’t “working right” after Red Bull’s Alex Albon was penalised five seconds for hitting Kevin Magnussen at the British Grand Prix.

The lap one incident resulted in Magnussen firing into the barriers on the exit of the final corner and retiring with a badly damaged car, with Magnussen labelling the move as “poorly judged” after the race.

Steiner contrasted Albon’s penalty with the 10 seconds added to the race times of the two Haas drivers in the Hungarian Grand Prix, when Magnussen and Romain Grosjean both pitted for dry tyres before the start following a discussion with their engineers.

However this was deemed to be in contravention of a 2017 technical directive that was designed to stop pre-race radio chatter on the formation lap about clutch bite points and any other form of “coaching” from the pit wall.

“The penalty system

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