The Collier County Sheriff’s Office helped Jaxson Perez celebrate his birthday after social distancing forced his family to cancel the party.

Naples Daily News

The coronavirus pandemic may have put the kibosh on many popular and cherished activities. But one pursuit the dreaded disease has inadvertently given a huge boost in Naples is bicycle riding.

All over town — along Gulf Shore Boulevard, in gated communities and residential neighborhoods, in Old Naples and North Naples — people are riding their bicycles. Old couples. Teenagers. Families. Single riders. Groups of friends. Zooming along or creeping slowly by.

Some streets, in fact, see more bikes these days than cars, particularly on mornings and evenings. (Walking, of course, also has become even more popular than usual during the past few weeks.)

Molly Maxson, left, Julie Verry and Dean Davidson ride down Gulf Shore Boulevard North in Naples on Friday, April 10, 2020.